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I was one of the lucky ones to be at SDCC as I have mentioned before. One of the most fun parts for me, being a site owner is getting the coolest quotes and latest news to share to my followers. It seems I am "always on the job" which isn't a bad, as I love what I do. So San Diego Comic Con was the best place to be to catch some awesome panels.

One of my fave shows has got to be Sleepy Hallow starring Tom Mison, Nichole Beharie, Orlando Jones and the very talented John Noble. This show takes history from our very real past and spins it, or rather twists it and makes it their own. They have the best "twistory" on TV.

Their dark story lines, twist and turns, and comedy bring this show to the front in my opinion. And having a tall sexy Brit as the lead is well perfection!

The cast gave each other light jabs, and had a lot of fun in the panel. Sadly we didn't have a glimpse into the upcoming season 2, but they assure us there will be plenty of twists and turns. Orlando Jones who is known for his comedic roles is brilliant as a cop, err former officer in the upcoming season and promised us that we will see him having fun, solving crimes and maybe adjusting to life as a civilian. They are known for their twists, so who knows what to expect, but lots of dark, and fun story lines.

Sleepy Hallow is on the Fox network and will be premiering Monday September 22.

More pictures of Tom can be found here


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