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Okay, so usually I only write about horror films but this was really cool to me so I figured I would share it. It is also very fitting considering FXX is running their Every Simpsons Ever marathon, of which they are on day 8, I believe (although I'm not really sure anymore, I've been watching every episode I'm home and awake for and leave it running while I sleep, so at this point I've probably lost all concept of time).

The Simpsons is called the show that will never die, and it stands up to it's name, soon to be starting it's 26th season. But we all know that in reality it has to end sometime and it seems they already know how they want to do it. Show front runner Al Jean posted this from his twitter account during the Every Simpsons Ever live tweet.

This is a reference to the very first episode, from the premiere in 1989, when the family gathers to watch Bart parody Jingle Bells and Lisa perform as Tawanga, the Santa Claus of the South Seas.

If this is how they end up ending the series then the Simpsons will really be the show that never dies. They would have created an endless loop of hundreds upon hundreds of episodes where the end of the series just starts it over from the opening scene! I for one support this idea.


Would you like to see The Simpsons end this way?


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