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I grew up watching the Leprechaun films with Warwick Davis. I loved them & I don't care how cheesy they got, I would have fun watching them. So I wasn't exactly thrilled hearing that WWE of people, are re-imagining it. If that wasn't bad enough, they got one of their talents, Hornswoggle, to play the leprechaun.

The plot seem very familiar but I can't place what film I seen it in before. Villagers lure outsiders in only to feed them to a monster that they are cursed by because of something they did in the pass. It doesn't take a lot to tell who is going to die & what roll they'll play. It was interesting enough at first but that quickly fall apart after the leprechaun showed up.

This film is rated R but it really doesn't feel like it. The color of everything is so bland & the blood is barely noticeable. The few horror scenes they did show you, were not special or cool. One scene got an reaction out of me & it was quick. The slightly but not really bit of eye candy was thrown in the fireplace as her friends were expecting the leprechaun & she got axed. Speaking of quick, the pacing was fast but not too fast. The characters weren't dumb...all the time. Their plan of getting pass the rocks was a good one. One point they could have done this but changed their plans to kill this thing. Didn't work of course. Not a lot of blood which isn't bad but not showing anything is a bad thing. I don't know if this is bad or good but no sex. We see the two girls in their not so racy undies & that's okay. I don't like sex for the hell o it in movies.

This was suppose to be a reboot or re-imagining of the The Leprechaun films but this was more in the vain of Leprechaun's Revenge. Which is wasn't a horrible movie & I like a lot more now, after seeing this. The creature itself didn't look good.

This is what Warwick looked liked in the original films.

Ugly & creepy! Then you see this lazy eye bugger...

I really don't get how they came to that from Warwick. & just for fun, here's the leprechaun from Leprechaun's Revenge

Maybe silly but I like it better then the leprechaun WWE & Lionsgate gave us.

I am all for reboots & remakes for the most part. I'll give it a try but this one sucks. I want this series to be rebooted already by another studio. One that doesn't involve WWE & not Liongate after this. They made the originals but they sign off on this crap.If you never seen the orinal films then please, watch the first one! Do not wast your money or time on this film. Better yet, find & watch Leprechaun's Revenge. It's a better film with likeable characters & the lead is pretty cute. So this film goes on my shit list. 2/10 & that's only because it's not as bad as Don't Go In The Woods...


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