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The release of the first look at Season 3 of Arrow has excited many fans. None have been more thrilled than the Olicity Shippers, who waited patiently for two seasons to see the couple finally paired off. Their diligence has been rewarded.

Arrow star Stephen Amell made it very clear at Comic Con in many of his interviews that Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow would only have one love interest this season. It’s quite a switch from previous plot lines. Since the beginning of the series we’ve seen the hero painted as quite the playboy. Now he’s settling down for none other than fan favorite, Felicity Smoak. Amell mentioned that we will learn Olivers true feelings for her in the pilot, and that adding flings would undermine his true intentions.

The end of Season 2 left many fans outraged after Oliver declared his love for Felicity, but it was revealed to possibly be nothing more than a ruse to take down the big bad of the season Slade Wilson. The writers are repaying the betrayed fans in full, with every question supposedly being answered in the first episode of Season 3. The first look trailer showed that a date will take place, but clearly won’t end well. Felicity is shown burned and bloody on a table with distraught Oliver looking down on her.

From Season 3's First Look
From Season 3's First Look

The three second clip of the couple almost kissing is still buzzing around twitter, and fans are chomping at the bit with anticipation.

So what does this new romance mean for old love interests Laurel and Sara Lance? Stephen Amell admitted that “the ship has sailed on those romances” and that he doesn’t believe Oliver and either Lance sister will ever be pair together romantically again.

There is a confirmed love triangle between Oliver, Felicity and a new cast member coming up. It begs the question, how much does Oliver screw up in order to send Felicity into the arms of another man? Well have to wait until October 8th to find out.

What do you think we’ll see in the upcoming episode/season?


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