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Hello and a warm welcome to another ‘snippet’ of movie trivia brought to you by 'Bigger Brain' Quizzes.

This is a ‘snippet’ of trivia from the classic movie Jaws (1975), directed by Steven Spielberg.

Regarding the film, Jaws, what is significant about the man (Pictured below) who voiced the following movie lines, as a television reporter on an Amity Island beach on the fourth of July?

"Amity Island has long been known for its clean air, clear water and beautiful white sand beaches. But in recent days, a cloud has appeared on the horizon of this beautiful resort community. A cloud in the shape of a killer shark."

Was the man???

1. The brother of actor Roy Scheider?

2. A very famous shark hunter

3. The director of the movie

4. The author of the original novel 'Jaws'

We will not keep you in suspense for long…

The man who played the television reporter, was none other than American author Peter Benchley, who of course wrote the novel ‘Jaws’ and several other novels that have been adapted for cinema, including ‘The Deep’, ‘The Island’, ‘Beast’ and ‘White Shark’ (‘Creature’).

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