ByMatthew Chapman, writer at
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Matthew Chapman

There's nothing new about the premise of this show.

A women in a marriage, ignored by her husband who is trying to become a big shot lawyer meets a Man, who is married to the daughter of his father figure/boss and is constantly covering up for their not so legal ways.

The two meet, try to fight the attraction which leads to a down moment in their respective lives and... you guessed it... They act on their attraction.

The characters and their lives that you see in the beginning of the show are not the same that you see towards the end. Relationships, both love and family, have ended, alliances have shifted and just general character growth.

It is well acted with a good cast of known and not so known actors. The stories are well used in these sort of dramas.

Even had it been renewed, it wouldn't have been watching anymore of it


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