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Welcome to Wolverine 6: Days Of Future Past!

At this point I’m starting to get real bored with Hugh Jackman/Wolverine. Wasn’t this why Wolverine got his own movies, so he could be the lead in them? The X-Men comics were published just over 50 years ago; there is a rich catalogue of characters, so let’s focus on some of them, yeah?

Having said that, it was really amazing that they managed to get a lot of the core actors from both X-Men movie series’ back together, making this a pretty epic cast!

The first two X-Men films are awesome, the third one made me want to cry with how horrible it was, the Wolverine films are okay but First Class and now DOFP have reinstalled my faith in Fox and the X-Men universe.

I’m pretty disappointed Rogue’s storyline was cut from the film, I’m pretty sure I could have found some scenes to cut that weren’t necessary and I think it sucks that they couldn’t give the filmmakers some extra time considering these films are pretty much moneymakers for the studios so what are 15 or so minutes more?

I think it translated very well from the comics to the cartoon to the movie, obviously things are different in transitioning it to the big screen but it still makes for a good movie. Makes me excited for the next X-Men film.

A very good movie, worth a watch if you are a fan of the comics, cartoons or the other X-Men movies. Definitely a day one purchase for me.

NOTE: There is a scene after the credits.


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