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Matthew Chapman

I knew nothing about Guardians Of The Galaxy before the film was announced and even afterwards I still know nothing about them.

So I didn’t really have any expectations going into the film and was I surprised.

IT WAS AMAZING! Probably my favourite Marvel film!

The story was awesome, it was funny without being stupid, wasn’t oversexualised and the aliens and space shots weren’t overdone but still looked wicked.

I was under the assumption that this film was set in like the year 3000 or something so I was quiet surprised to see that this is set in present time, just set outside and away from Earth.

Loved the cast! Not too familiar with Chris Pratt but he was definitely a good fit in the film. Dave Bautista was a surprise in his role as Drax (I don’t hold too much value in wrestlers as actors, although Dwayne Johnson is probably the better one out of them.)

Major kudos to the creative team that they could make you fall in love and feel emotions towards two totally computer generated characters.

The soundtrack to this film is equally as awesome as the movie, if not better.

If you a Marvel fan, most definitely check this film out!

I will most certainly be buying this on day one!!


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