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Hello, my name here is David, lorae is not my last name, I am currently writing a Marvel script called- "Agents of Atlas:The Origin." On this blog I will explain the plots to the plan of this Marvel script and how it may or may not effect the "Marvel Cinematic Universe." I will not tell much about it, but just only enough for you to get excited.

The characters in this Marvel script will be:

Nick Fury

Agent Coulson

Jimmy Woo(Leader of Agents of Atlas)

Venus(The Aphrodite)

Gorilla-Man(A gorilla with guns... big guns)

Marvel-Boy(Robert Grayson)

M-11(A killer robot turned good from the future) (May relate to Ultron)

Namora(Atlantean princess)

and a battle scene with the Hulk

and I wont reveal the villains name just yet

The date Marvels Agents of Atlas will be based on is 2006 which will then transit to the present at the end

If you are interested in my script please leave a comment saying so.


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