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Just something I thought I would share. All the complaining on this and other sites focused on superhero themed films show how much the fans care about the representation of the heroes and telling of the stories. Among the various debates is one that is mostly about personal preference: Who is doing it better Marvel or DC/WB?

A variation of that argument is which film company is making better product. Again, very much a personal choice. If you like box office grosses and mass appeal spectacle then I suspect you are currently big on Marvel Studios. If you enjoy a darker edged, atmospheric reality grounded storytelling, it seems that you might prefer Warner Brothers/DC's approach these days.

Regardless of which side you fall in line on, there is one fact that many fans are falsely quoting.."Marvel started the current superhero movie trend with Blade!"

Blade One Sheet
Blade One Sheet

Yes, the Wesley Snipes starring film was responsible for jump starting the current craze some fifteen plus years ago. Yes, Blade is a Marvel Comics character. This is not in dispute. However there is one thing people forget to mention...

New Line logo
New Line logo

See that?...New Line Cinema (producers of the Blade films) is a TimeWarner company! What does this mean? This means it was Warner Brothers that actually released the film that had the most impact on the current state of the superhero film genre. It also means that Warners was smart enough to take a Marvel character and make a film that stood apart from its past efforts like the Batman franchise that ground to a halt one year prior with the release of Joel Schumacher's "Batman and Robin". This was at a time when Marvel was facing bankruptcy and couldn't dream of doing anything close to their current avalanche of films. It was also the success of Nolan's "Batman Begins" that restarted the genre in a more grounded style resulting in Marvel releasing "Iron Man" in 2008. This just goes to show that Warner Brothers/DC is not as "dumb" as many fans love to accuse them of being.

I look forward to your comments.


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