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Six years after the violent death of her husband, Amelia is at a loss. She struggles to discipline her 'out of control' 6-year-old, Samuel, a son she finds impossible to love. Samuel's dreams are plagued by a sinister monster he believes is coming to kill them both. When a disturbing storybook called 'The Babadook' turns up at their house, Samuel is convinced that the Babadook is the creature he's been dreaming about. His hallucinations spiral out of control and as he becomes more unpredictable and violent, Amelia is genuinely frightened by her son's behaviour. But when Amelia begins to see glimpses of a sinister presence all around her, it slowly dawns on her that the thing Samuel has been warning her about may be real.

If that isn't enough to intrigue and terrify you maybe this will do it, the first clip reveal from the upcoming film 'The Babadook."

The Babadook is a 2014 Australian horror film produced by Causeway Films and directed by Jennifer Kent, who also penned the screenplay. The film showed at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival to critical acclaim. The film has already been released in Australia, France, Poland and the Netherlands and is now showing at film festivals in the U.S. with an official release planned for November. You watch the full trailer right here, but only if your one of those people who doesn't require sleep, and you very well might lose some!

It seems the babadook is some kind of monster or demon that disguises it'self as a human, i don't know what his full motivations are but I'm guessing whatever is under his disguise is going to be pretty damn horrifying.

The Film has been getting rave reviews and winning award after award at the festivals it has been shown at and currently holds a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. You can even watch an interview with the director right here.

It's Been a long time since I've been so excited about a new horror film, and it's looking like this might be the best one to hit the big screen in a long time.


Are You Excited For The Babadook?


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