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The second episode of series 8 and Peter Capaldi's second full episode appearance, wow, just wow. This episode really delved into the darker personality of the Doctor and his mental processes. From his mannerisms to the way he approaches situations are severally different from the previous Doctor, and it is portrayed well in this episode.

'There is no such thing as a good Dalek' - The Doctor S08E02

Most second episodes in a new Doctor Who series are as good as into the Dalek. Its impressive story telling draws you in and keeps you there for the whole episode. Many have said Steven Moffat is becoming lazy with his writing for the new episodes, that just simply isn't true. Steven Moffat and Phil Ford both deserve props for their writing on this episode, it is certainly a masterpiece.

Steven Moffat, head writer and Executive Producer
Steven Moffat, head writer and Executive Producer

Coming from a true fan of the show the Dalek element of the episode is very classical. The episode also shows that mutant Daleks are effectively incapable of being anything other than rabid killing machines. But at the end of the episode we see something that really stirred some strange emotion inside me.

'I am not a good Dalek ... You are a good Dalek' - Dalek to the Doctor S08E02

Enough of Daleks and the Doctor what about the knew male friend of Clara; Danny Pink. When he is first seen the fact that he was in the military is smacked in your face. This man isn't like the other male supporting characters of late, he is something else. He has that feel of a scarred soldier about him, someone who would rather forget what they'd done. This character is very intriguing and will no doubt be explored in episodes to come.

Danny Pink played by Samuel Anderson
Danny Pink played by Samuel Anderson
'Clara be my pal, tell me ... am I a good man?'
'... I ... don't know' - Conversation between the Doctor and Clara

Clara's role as the doctors 'Carer' was yet another element of the episode that was done well. Clara was much like a cypher, helping translate the Doctor's seemingly morbid sarcasm and puns. She was the reason the soldiers that were accompanying them didn't shoot them dead.

However the episode does have some flaws. It is quite slow paced and chocker block full of clichés. The writing is certainly not from the top shelf, however it is better than average. Some scenes during this episode are somewhat useless while others are thrilling and enthralling. The individual Dalek prisoner is reused from the 2005 Christopher Eccelston episode, Dalek and the miniaturization technique has been used before in episodes like Carnival of Monsters (1973) and the Invisible Enemy (1967).

Once again Missy reappeared, she hasn't been explained at all yet. The mystery surrounding her is still equally as guessable as it was after deep breath. Her story is very intriguing and I think every Whovian looks forward to finding out who she really is.

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor)
Peter Capaldi (The Doctor)

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