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1. An amicable Slytherin

An amicable Slytherin
An amicable Slytherin

Obviously we have seen our fair share of evil wizards and all seem to come from Slytherin. In all the other houses we find characters whom we like. Ravenclaw has Luna and Hufflepuff has Ernie and Hannah Abbott. Snape was, as J.K. Rowling put it, "A Slytherin who died a Gryffindor." He was not exactly a likeable person and very flawed but we all loved him in the end. Some people try to make an argument for Horace Slughorn but I have always found him a slimy character that rivals Mundungus. He is always using people to bring elevate himself and is really only a social climber. Neither are Harry's age either. Maybe if there was a girl who was like Harry in the sense that she is a good person who also happens to be cunning, ambitious, and resourceful. She could be like the girl version of Harry, not a main character but maybe someone like Lavander or Parvati status. I just hate that we never get to see characters like Harry in Slytherin only those whose parents are death eaters. Maybe Albus Severus Potter could have been in Slytherin to fill that space, James Sirius could have been in a different house too and Lily Luna could have been in all different houses just to mix it up.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Snape's Memory:

I hate that the directors included so many random fight scenes and relatively so little about Snape's memories. He is (in my opinion) the most important character because he is the one that allows us to view the truth and leads Harry on to the next step. He is the big dramatic reveal and was cut down in the movie. There were many important arguments between Dumbledore and Snape, many more childhood memories, even the bullying episode was cut down in the 5th movie so that it was a fraction of what we read in the book. In general there was a lot of Snape Scene cutting that I did not love! Especially when Harry was telling everyone about how Snape was the good guy and that Voldemort had made all these mistakes and Harry slowly revealed them all to us. Instead we got a freaky image of the two combining faces then the usual light show.

3. Ginny:

Is it just me or is Ginny basically non-existent in the movies. She was so much more impressive in the books. She was independent and strong minded, very similar to Lily Potter/Evans. In the movies she appears in time to kiss Harry a few times and thats about it. She was so badass in the books, leading the DA, being a chaser superstar, etc. Also where is Charlie? Bill was cut down to 1/4 of his actual character and Percy's reconciliation?

4. Tonks and Teddy:

Also a great story plot and character that was completely scratched from the movies. Tonks and Lupin were the best couple in that Rowling showed again that true love knows no bounds. Their love was Snape level. Tonk's patronus was a werewolf, and remember that it changed it wasn't always that. A patronus can only change if one undergoes a serious emotionally stressful change so that definitely magnifies their love. Teddy isn't even mentioned by name, even once. Nor do we find out that Harry was his godfather like Sirius was Harry's.

5. A calm Dumbledore:

Most hardcore HP fans were pretty pissed about movie Dumbledore not being as calm as the book Dumbledore. His tranquility, besides his eyes, were his most defining characteristics and we don't see any of it. Especially in the Goblet of Fire "Did you put your name in" situation. Also, just a side note about Dumbledore - why did they never explain about Ariana and the Dumbledores in the movie? That was so interesting in the books!!

These are 5 of the biggest things that annoyed me about the book to movie adaptations. There are probably many more and I can think of additional ones right now but again these are just my top 5. Please share your ideas and what/who *dobby* you wanted to see more of in the movies.

Ps. I love Snape and he is my favorite character. Not everyone shares this thought obviously but feel free to comment about his character as well.


Which of these annoy you the most?


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