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Wow, oh wow.. oh wow! Every time I think this series has hit it’s pinnacle of shock and awe, it takes it to another level and has my mouth gaping wide and me longing for more! This week we got to see Diana in the series, and The Gathering brings The Mackenzine Clan to Castle Leoch, but let’s get into what you really want to read about.. What’s going on with our girl Claire so here goes..

Our girl Claire’s got some mad skills! Too bad she doesn’t have any luck to go along with those skills of hers. Even under the eagle eyes of Rupert and Angus, she’s figured out how to use the castle’s kids, including young Hamish, to unwittingly help her reconnoiter the grounds. She has stealthily gathered a store of food for her trip; she’s brewed a sleeping potion for Rupert and Angus; and figured out how to acquire a horse without also acquiring suspicion. See I told you she has got mad skills!

This week’s episode was written by head writer/producer Matt Roberts, who actually started this whole process – he recommended the books years ago to Maril Davis, who in turn, recommended them to the others that have joined in and brought us this fantastic series. Matt’s love for the books shows in the sensitive handling of key scenes in this episode – Jamie’s oath, Dougal mourning the death of Geordie. Both show great depth of care for the inner conflicts these characters go through. This episode also showed us the use of voiceovers in a much different way. They added to the scene and what was going on, rather then having to do so to lead us through a scene.

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