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Recently, I was given the book The Death and Life of Superman a novel by Roger Stern and may I say what an excellent read! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this book. As you all know, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie. In this case, the animated movie based off the book: Superman: Doomsday.

Superman Doomsday
Superman Doomsday

Not to give too much away of the story if you're wanting to read it for yourself, but in short, the book is basically about Superman facing Doomsday and how the people of Metropolis and the world react to a sudden shift in their world where Superman once acted as protector. DON! DON! DON!

Hint: The title of the book pretty much gives it away.

I was looking back over the book and thinking about how long we all have to wait for Man of Steel 2 to be released, "2018? Why????" (*tears and more tears*) Then an idea popped into my head. Perhaps Man of Steel 2 will be similar to The Death and Life of Superman?!! If that's the case, I say, "Take your time, Mr. Snyder, to perfect the film! PLEASSSEEE!!!" If there were ever a time I wished for a movie to be super close to the book, the time is NOW!

It even makes sense a bit why Man of Steel 2 is so far down the road. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will hopefully set the foundation for the Man of Steel sequel (not with a cliff hanger prayerfully. I don't think my heart could take it at this point).

So something to think about:

  • Since Mr. Snyder has changed/rebooted the Superman story, maybe Mr. El won't have to face Doomsday alone but will be accompanied by Batman and Wonder Woman:

Video courtesy of YouTube user Ravi Maharjan

  • Man of Steel 2 could totally be Superman v Doomsday all the way. No second guesses:

Video courtesy of YouTube user TheChosen1O1n1e1

Doomsday needs to be somewhere in the mix in Man of Steel 2...maybe he'll have a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Who knows? Maybe Doomsday will be a good guy? Not likely, but you never know how today's directors may put a spin on things!

Time will tell, fans of the cape. Time will tell! In the meantime, enjoy the original motion picture soundtrack to Superman: The Movie, "Prelude and Main Title March"! (In my opinion, the track initially starts at 1:14)

Video courtesy of YouTube user Jmac2005


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