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Last week we reported the exciting news that Tyler Williams from Everybody Hates Chris had been seen on the set of The Walking Dead as a yet unknown character who was spotted behind Beth in the Season 5 trailer.

This week, thanks to the excellent The Spoiling Dead Fans, we've been given more clues as to who Tyler's character might be, with a video of the filming of a very intense scene. Here's a description of what went down:

Tyler is on the porch of a house, down against the railing with a table covering him. Two walkers are trying to get to him but the table is blocking them. Glenn runs to the porch and takes out one walker followed by Rick taking out the second. Michonne takes one out on the ground. Rick and Glenn move the table off of Tyler and pull him up. Rick then jumps down from the porch to help Michonne.

Woah that sounds pretty action filled to me! Check out the video for yourself and see if you can make out what's happening.

Damn that looked pretty intense! Good to see Rick, Glenn and Michonne in fine form too!

As we heard from Executive Producer Greg Nicotero last week, they've already wrapped filming on the first half of the season so it's my guess that this scene is from the second half of Season 5 which we'll see in 2015. Damn, it's a tough life being a Walking Dead fan!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12th.


Do you think Tyler's character will be good or bad for the group?


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