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As we all know, many of The Walking Dead cast aren't long for this world. We've lost a lot of great characters over the last four seasons and with hints dropping left, right and center about Season 5 I'm sure we're going to lose a few more soon.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly the actors were asked how they wanted their characters to die on the show and the answers were pretty interesting! Check out how they think their characters should kick the bucket:


Andrew Lincoln - Rick Grimes

It seems like Andrew Lincoln doesn't really care how Rick Grimes goes out as long as there's a killer sound track:

I don’t care how it goes, but maybe a kid should take me out...I texted Scott Gimple and I said, “Promise me, when I die, on the credits sequence, you play Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Hurt.’” And he just said, “I can’t make that promise obviously.” So when I die...even if Scott Gimple decides not to, please everybody play “Hurt.”

I have to say it would be a pretty fitting song for Rick Grimes to go out on, but Andrew Lincoln should care more about how Rick might die! I'll be rioting on the street if Sheriff Rick is taken down by a kid!


Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon

Norman Reedus: professional bad-ass, has a pretty cool idea about what should happen to Daryl:

I would just walk away. You would just see him walk down a road like Mad Max and I’d get smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, and then a little dog would run on the road with me and just start following me off into the sunset, and you’d never know what happened to him. I would wanna go out like that. Just like, “You remember that dude? What happened to that dude?”

I don't know about you but I could almost see him doing this. I know he's kind of got a family thing going on with the group but it would definitely be a very Daryl way to go. That or in an epic walker fight.


Danai Gurira - Michonne

Danai Gurira expects big things if Michonne was to die and would not be impressed if she went down quietly.

I would want it to be something that exhibits her complexity but it also would have to be authentic to her. She’s just not going to go down without a pretty epic fight...I would want her to go down in an epic fashion. That’s what I want for her.

I know I would be thoroughly unimpressed if Michonne were to go down in anything but a huge blaze of glory. A character with a katana as a weapon does not simply die quietly.


Chad Coleman - Tyreese

Chad Coleman definitely had some strong ideas about how he'd like Tyreese to be taken out

It would have to be something that’s never been done before. I think we’d have to come up with something incredibly memorable. I mean, I know I would want it to be heroic. Everybody wants to go out saving some lives. Sacrificing myself, you know, for the others would probably be the most compelling way to me. One of those, “Everybody go! Just go!” [Laughs] And if I didn’t do it, a lot of people would’ve died.

So he wants Tyreese to go down as a hero sacrificing himself for the safety of the group? I can get on board with that!


Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene

I think I like Lauren Cohan's idea for Maggie (and Glenn's!) death the best. She definitely wants a dramatic finish for the couple:

Maggie and Glenn are running through a forest, and there’s a horde behind them, and there’s nowhere else to go. It’s just a cliff at the end, and they hold hands and they jump off the cliff and they scream at the end, and they scream all the way down. And it freeze-frames with them, with their arms up in the air just going, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaait!”

Going out together in epic fashion, heck yeah!

Those are some pretty awesome ideas. I wonder if any of their deaths will come close to that - not that I want any of them to die, but you know, these things happen in a walker ridden world.

I guess we'll have to wait until The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on Sunday, October 12 to see what happens!


Which cast member's death idea do you like best?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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