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After the official synopsis was released yesterday, it's been confirmed that things really will all change in The Vampire Diaries universe. It's not just the heady drama of deaths and magic though, apparently Stefan will have a brand new mystery job to boot.

According to the folks at TV Guide;

when the season begins, Stefan will definitely not be anywhere near Mystic Falls. In fact, he will have taken up a surprising new profession in his new 'home'

Although there is no official confirmation from camp [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) about Stefan's new role, hardcore fans are convinced he will be a mechanic.

Paul Wesely told fans at SDCC that he would like Stefan to take on a job in a garage and just move on with his life in the new season, so maybe that is exactly what's happening... In the beginning at least!

It's all making sense why Elena and Stefan were talking over the phone and not face-to-face in that teaser trailer now!


What do you think of Stefan finding a new 'home' away from the others?

(Source: TV Guide)


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