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Sometimes it seems like people are such talented artists that simple paint and canvas is too easy for them and they need a bigger challenge.

Eat Your Heart Out is a group of food artists based in the UK who combine baking, art and horror and the result is one totally horrific sweet treat experience.

Basically they make cakes that are completely horrifying but totally edible.

Check out their work below and be warned, you may lose your appetite:


Devil Horse is coming for your soul

Perfect for scaring the crap out of anyone at a Halloween party, this red velvet cake devil horse is literally dripping rum from its nose. This masterpiece took over 200 hours to complete.


A chunk of stomach for your stomach?

Can you stomach this stomach cake? Not to mention how gross that belly button piercing looks!


Let these dead baby eyes infest your dreams

These solid white chocolate baby heads are the same size as the head of your average newborn baby and are absolutely scary as hell.


Yummy maggoty diabetic ulcer cupcakes

So what's worse than seeing edible maggots on an edible ulcer? The fact that these were based on a real life image. Urghh.


Extract-your-own-Maggots cupcakes

So while we're on the maggot theme we might as well look at these bad boys. Apparently they even come with tweezers and rubber gloves for that authentic extraction process, because why not?


Buffalo Bill skin suit now in cake form!

Hello Clarice....This cake is a full-on Buffalo Bill skin suit. Vanilla cake, with dark chocolate ganache and black cherry filling in case you were curious.


I'd like to shake your hand...cake?

This decapitated hand might look so realistic because it's based off of a cast of the food artists actual hand, eek!


Feel those veins in your cake forehead

Look at those veins, LOOK AT THEM!


Take a deep breath for this lung cake

Just staring at this makes me all of a sudden feel very aware of my breathing.

Well, I'm definitely not so hungry now but did these cakes turn your stomach?


Which sweet treat disturbed you the most?

Source: Eat Your Heart Out


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