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Sly Stallone is apparently determined to make a fourth instalment of his action franchise The Expendables, which features pretty much every ageing action star, from Arnie to Antonio Banderas. Because you can never have enough of selfies like this:

Expendables 4
Expendables 4

But since he's burning through options fast, the casting choices for The Expendables 4 are getting pretty out there.

Jackie Chan is rumoured to be involved, which seems like a fairly straightforward choice. That is, compared to the news that Stallone is after Justin Bieber:

Anything is possible. . . . [Bieber] might put a beating on all of us. We don’t know.

Please, make it happen.

Sly also suggested he has his eyes on an international cast:

As we go on, we will continue to add more stars, more personalities, more athletes, more individuals around the world, not just Americans.

That's a pretty wide brief, and I think this is an opportunity to see a far superior Expendables line-up. If Justin Bieber is in the frame, then let's get these fantasy renegades on board as well:

Brian Blessed


Martha Stewart

Her mac and cheese will make you weep gruyere tears.

Betty White

92 years of kicking ass; Betty's aged like a fine wine.


Who needs human rights when you can make a puppy look this uncomfortable?


You don't feel him, he feels you.

(Source: Comic Book Movie)


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