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Fuelling superhero fanboys' dreams the world over, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza once got into a bikini for GQ and then told her interviewer that she wanted to play Catwoman.

That was last year, but it looks like Plaza is still campaigning. Yep, as far as anyone knows, Catwoman will not be appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and - even if she were - there's no indication that Warner Bros. has cast the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World actress in the role...

But Aubs has mentioned again a desire to play Selina Kyle. When asked about her career aspirations and her dream role, the grown-up Wednesday Addams-like actress revealed:

I would [expletive] die to do something like that. There's something so sexy and badass about Catwoman. I just think it's the ultimate female role. You get to be a woman, but you also [can] destroy people, and you use all your female energy for evil. I just kind of love that.

And as we know, this isn't the first time Plaza has volunteered herself for the Catwoman role. Last year she said very plainly, "I want to be Catwoman. I want my shot at Catwoman, and I want it soon."

Aubrey is great at playing weird characters and she always plays the moody emo; apathetic to all around her (queue the stereotypical DC jokes). I kind of doubt they'd go that route for Catwoman, but I'd be curious to see Aubrey play a different type of character.

Hey, as long as Halle Berry stays the hell away, then I'm happy. But here are FIVE more actresses I think could really nail the role...

Take a look and cast your votes in the poll below!

Emily Blunt

The Looper actress has become quite the fan favorite to land the role. And by fan, I mean me. I'm hell-bent on getting Emily Blunt into a superhero costume and her casting in a blockbuster comic book property is beginning to feel inevitable anyway. Let's make this happen!


Eva Green

Eva Green is known for being a mysterious, gothic seductress with acting chops to boot. Who wouldn't want to see her in a skin-tight leather suit, fighting, teasing, and trolling Batman?


Amber Heard

Although Catwoman isn't really a villain, she certainly isn't one of the good guys. Catwoman needs to be sultry and selfish - qualities which the Machete Kills star will have no problem pulling off. Fierce feline superhero down to a T.


Olga Kurylenko

This French-Ukrainian bombshell has the sassy, icy appearance that absolutely fits the Catwoman role. And her part in Quantum of Solace certainly shows the actress to be confident in the cloak and dagger world of thievery and betrayal. Purrrfect!


Olivia Wilde

She was both lovely AND tough when she portrayed Quorra in TRON: Legacy, and Catwoman needs exactly that kind of treatment. She's also massively feline and lithe, so could really be her Wilde time to shine!



I'm casting my Catwoman vote for...

(Source: TotalFilm via CosmicBookNews)


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