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Well, I'm sure none of you are surprised, but it's now official. Guardians of the Galaxy is the highest grossing movie of 2014 in the North American domestic box office. However, the space opera with a heart of gold still has some way to go before it knocks Iron Man 3 from the top of the Marvel money-making mountain.

Domestic Dominance

For several weeks it has just seemed like a matter of time before Guardians finally added this illustrious award to its already long list of broken records. Last weekend saw the Marvel space opera fly past Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The LEGO Movie to take the domestic top spot - earning (a still increasing) $274,610,000.

With the summer blockbuster period coming to a close, it is unlikely any other release this year will able to wrestle this top spot from the comic-book franchise starter, while its widening international releases could also potentially place it in contention for the Top 5 of the worldwide box office for 2014. Currently, it has made $547 million on the international market.

The Fight for Global Box Office Glory

As it stands, the top global box office spot is occupied by Transformers: Age of Extinction which managed an impressive haul of $1.072 billion. However, Transformers 4 was marketed extensively in China, while its American box office takings only came in at fourth, generating $244 million. On the other hand, Guardians seems to have benefited greatly from positive word-of-mouth as it was able to retake number 1 at the box office despite temporarily losing it on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' opening weekend.

Regarding its success, director James Gunn posted on Facebook:

To quote my favorite little monstrosity, ‘Oh… Yeah.’
And although io9 may be right, that people like the movie because it’s funny, I like to believe it’s because WE GAVE A SHIT. You aren’t numbers to us. You deserve to be given something we the creators believe in and that isn’t just seeking a big opening weekend. I love my characters, I care about the quality of the movie, and Marvel was cool enough to let us take some risks. Hopefully, THAT’S the lesson — that we’ll see more spectacle movies coming out of Hollywood that the filmmakers actually believe in, and that take risks, NOT just a bunch of superhero or space movies trying to be funny.

Guardians' Record Breaking Year

Let's remind ourselves of the other records smashed by Guardians of the Galaxy:

That's an impressive mantelpiece of awards for a movie which features characters most people hadn't heard of until a few months ago.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Guardians will get is hands on every single box office award going though. It still has some way to go to steal Iron Man 3's box office record for a non-Avengers Marvel movie. Currently, Iron Man 3 stands at $409 million, while Guardians is only expected to generate $320 by the end of the year. However, if there's one thing the movie taught us, it's not to underestimate this rag-tag band of intergalactic freedom fighters.


Do you think Guardians can take Iron Man 3's Marvel top spot?

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