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Elysium got a bit of a mixed reaction when it released in theaters, but you can pretty much guarantee that one dude known as The Hacksmith, thought it was pretty damn good.

So good in fact, it inspired him to develop his own powered exoskeleton which apes that we saw used by Matt Damon and Shalto Copley in Elysium. It's been a long process, but this month The Hacksmith was finally ready to put it to the test. Now, this guy isn't particularly bulky, but with the help of the exoskeleton, he's able to curl 170 pounds with ease. It also makes a pretty awesome noise. Check out his creation below:

Pretty impressive, right?

Of course, this kind of tech has existed before, and several companies are already developing such exoskeletons to assist with the rather mundane task of heavy lifting (no punching through brick walls, unfortunately). The biggest issue at this stage appears to providing enough power to operate the device. At the moment, most of these exoskeletons need to be permanently tethered to a power source.

However, The Hacksmith has big ambitions. See that arc reactor vest he's wearing? Well, one day he hopes to use his experience and expertise to develop a full scale Iron Man suit. Regarding the vest, he explained:

An Iron Man suit is the end goal someday, so, you know, might as well start early.

Yep, all he needs to do now is figure out a way for that vest to generate 3 gigawatts of energy.


This real life exoskeleton is...

Source: GiantFreakinRobot


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