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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence have been leaked online - read the article here - and I was revolted by the breach of privacy.

The hacker should be ashamed of themselves. But how can Jennifer Lawrence take revenge?


Go full Katniss on this D-bag

OK, so J-Law in real life probably does not carry a supply of incendiary arrows...but you still don't wanna mess with her...


Post naked pics of the hacker online

I'm not sure someone who gets their kicks posting stolen photos of people they don't know online will have the emotional maturity to get intimate with another person, but if those snaps exist, it'd be nice to give the hacker a taste of his own medicine. Also, Jen is too classy for that.


Sue their ass

Sit back, let your lawyers do what they do. Sue this hacker's attention-seeking ass.


Be a famous face for social change

The law is not catching up with technology fast enough, and police are often unable to help victims of harassment in cases like these. A celebrity spokesperson can go a long way to advocate change.


Live Well

Living well is the best revenge, after all. Rise above it, keep being your awesome self. When you think about that lame coward posting naked pictures of you online, just shrug, stroke your Best Actress Oscar and keep on truckin'.



How would you take revenge on someone who posted naked pics of you on the internet?


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