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There are some parts of our childhoods that are so perfect - so pure - that nothing could ever change the sense of wonder we felt when first experiencing them.

For most of us, Disney movies fit firmly into that category.

At least, they do for now:

Welcome to the world of Disney face swaps, as brought to glorious, technicolor life by the Disney Face Swap Tumblr.

Which, if you're wondering, is indeed the greatest thing ever made. We had it certified. I mean, by these guys... maybe take it with a pinch of salt.

Especially as that isn't even the strangest Pocahontas image you'll see this minute:

Which, in turn, is nothing compared to The Lion King - which would have been a very different movie if these two had switched characters:

As would Up...

And of course Monsters Inc.

Though, let's be honest, this Aladdin swap is even more...surprising?

As is pretty much anything you do with The Hunchback of Notre Dame...

And I mean anything:

Though Mulan...

...The Princess and the Frog...

...and Hercules...

...are all pretty fantastic too. That being said, nothing really matches up to The Little Mermaid:

I mean, look at it:


The only thing that can beat it? The one true high point of the face swap art form.

Nigel Thornberry.

Who, when combined with anything, becomes possibly the most incredible thing known to the modern world:

Especially when it's a Disney princess:

And even more so when it's Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Which, because the internet is a wonderful place, is a very easy thing to get your hands on:

Thank you, mysterious internet pixel deities (and disneyfaceswap.tumblr).

Thank you more than we can ever properly say...

You can find more Awesome Fan Creations here, and you probably should, because they're awesome. It's even in the name.


What do you guys think? Love the Disney Face Swaps?



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