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Science fiction is a tricky genre to get right - and an even tougher one to do well on a shoestring budget. When it works, though, it can be fantastic.

As such, it's not all that surprising to discover the existence of Space Command, an upcoming sci-fi movie series - funded through Kickstarter - that aims to revive the spirit of 1950s science fiction. Created by Star Trek alum Marc Scott Zicree, along with similarly geek cred-filled Michael Reeves and Neil Johnson, the project debuted a teaser trailer at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

And it's... a whole lot of something:

Now that's what you might call a pretty fundamentally divisive trailer.

On the one hand, fans of old school Star Trek and Doctor Who, start getting excited - especially because look; it's Robert Picardo, aka the Holgraphic Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager!

On the other - even taking into account that those are temporary special effects, that's not a trailer likely to convert anyone who's grown up used to lens flare and creepily immaculate CGI.

The reality is probably somewhere in between - and the vocal support for the project from Neil Gaiman suggests that there's likely a decent script in there somewhere. The bottom line? Sci-fi could use a solid dose of the hopeful, endlessly creative fiction that the 1950s saw a whole heap of - so let's hope Neil's on to something. Or, at least, that the movies are at least as much fun as a bag full of Tribbles...

[Space Command](movie:2240812) has yet to set a release date - though expect galactic escapades soon.


What do you guys reckon? Space Command looking good to you?



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