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Guardians of the Galaxy may be making an impact on the record books, but it appears the smash-hit film of the summer has also made an impact in a very different way. This week Guardians director James Gunn shared a touching story with his Twitter and Facebook followers.

A Guardians movie goer writes about how his autistic younger brother unexpectedly identified with the character Drax the Destroyer. Due to his autism the boy finds it difficult to understand metaphors and takes things very literally, much like Drax. When he watched a scene in the movie where Drax misunderstood a metaphor the brother immediately "lit up like a Christmas tree and screamed "He's like me! He can't do metaphors!"".

Here's what he wrote:

The story and scene from Guardians
The story and scene from Guardians

The writer then went on to say that his brother has been quoting Drax since they left the theater and has been telling friends and family that "people with autism can also be superheroes".

What an awesome story.

This really shows how a great superhero film can teach us a lot about ourselves. After all, many of our favorite superheroes are our favorites because along with being awesome they're also flawed - just like us!

The Hulk, Drax and Professor X all have challenges
The Hulk, Drax and Professor X all have challenges

There is no perfect superhero and James Gunn (along with others) has really helped to show this more than ever before. Guardians after all, is the story of a team of five beings who, along with having their own immense talents, also have issues, flaws and restraints on what they are capable of. In a world where we are often striving for impossible results I think this is a very powerful statement for Guardians to make.

Big-ups to James Gunn and Drax for helping to show a kid that anyone can be a superhero.


Do you think it's good to see flawed superheroes in films?

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