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Karly Rayner

Just when you thought that leaked naked pictures were the worst of Selena Gomez's problems, it seems like the possibly clinically insane starlet is now back with the Biebs.

Loves young dream were caught disembarking a private jet together in Ontario, Canada ahead of Labor Day weekend, and they were holding hands to really hammer it home that they are an item once more.

The couple have since been photographed gallivanting about on horseback and lounging together by Justin's private pool.

Let's just hope Gomez manages to wriggle out of Bizzle's badly tattooed grasp before she ends up catching the dreaded Bieber fever. I've heard symptoms include pissing into a mop bucket, which just isn't becoming for a young lady.

On a brighter note, at least Bieber is giving American soil a holiday from his sullying presence after much desperate campaigning to get him deported.

Borders can be closed... Right?


Do you think Justin and Selena getting back together is a wise move?

(Source: Lainey Gossip)


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