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With very few exceptions, most every Marvel villain dies, with the exceptions of Loki, fake Mandarin, and maybe the Abomination and Red, most every villain dies. With Marvel constantly thinking ahead, there has to be a reason for this, or someday there's gonna be a bunch of dead villains everywhere and a bunch of unemployed superheroes.


This article does contain SPOILERS from the movies I'm gonna be quoting and theories (that I've wildly come up with) that could end up being SPOILERS.

I'm gonna be excluding franchises except the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because either all the other areas of Marvel either just went through a huge change or are in the process of being rebooted.

Let's Get Started

In Iron Man, we see Tony Stark learn that his second-in-command, Obadiah Stane ordered Tony's kidnapping and death. However in the end, Tony suits up and blasts his dad's life-long friend to death. Which is totally ok, but now I guess you can't ever see Iron Monger again.

Iron Monger in it's final minutes of glory.
Iron Monger in it's final minutes of glory.

In Tony's next appearance, Iron Man 2, Iron Man and his BFF War Machine team up at the end to stop Whiplash. Stopping him by finally killing him.


Then in Thor, Loki double-crosses Laufey and murders him to impress his step-dad.

Laufey. He dies, but Loki never does.
Laufey. He dies, but Loki never does.

Then in Captain America, the Captain supposedly kills Red Skull. Hence so on, and so on through-out the franchise.

Red Skull.
Red Skull.

Why am I still talking about the obvious?

Because the thing we most always miss about movies is obvious.

As most of us might know, from comics, these villains that the Avengers face usually attack multiple times on different occasions. However we also learn from comics that death never lasts.

Whenever a comic book company makes a major change, usually that change never lasts. So my main question is. Could all these villains, just be temporarily deceased? Could it be that any movie now, some evil scientist could reanimate some of the villains and make them join his Evil Anti-Avengers Squad?

Uh... That looks much cooler in my head...

But maybe I'm right. Maybe, Marvel is just making us think our favorite villains are gone for good, just waiting to surprise us with one giant back to the silver-screen blockbuster movie moment. After all as Baron Wolfgang von Strucker said, "The age of miracle is upon us."

Or I'm just a rambling mad man who just wasted 3 minutes of your life...

Either way, I've made you stop to think that maybe, just maybe, Marvel probably has a plan up their sleeve for these character deaths, and maybe even one for a special Marvel character death in a future movie.

Tell me what you think.


Do you think Marvel has a Plan for these Villains?


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