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Unfortunately, due to the nature of the photos, this article will remain photoless for the sake of decency and consideration in regards to the readers of moviepilot. Let me start by saying, and I'm not kidding when I said I apparently lost a friend on Facebook over this last night in an argument, that I do not condone what the hacker did who recently leaked dozens of pictures of famous celebrities including but not limited to Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, and Ariana Grande. I did see the photos due to another movie forum I type on and one of the users put up the link. I was curious. I mean these were most, if not all, of some of the major stars in movies and music right now so it seemed strange to me the hacker could get access to them...or maybe that was the point. And that my friends is where my article takes us.

Now please understand me in saying these are just theories but I demand truth so I find myself questioning the validity and responsibility of not just the hacker but, yes, the celebrity victims. These leaked photos were private indeed, they belonged to these people but I always find myself some distraught at why people feel the need to take them to begin with. Mary Elizabeth Winstead said they were for her husband which, I admit in regards to a couple, was very sweet. In the case of Lawrence, however, I found myself somewhat laughing and not at all aroused. I know what's wrong with me?! LOL Dead again, I was never a fan of hers to begin with so all I will simply say is her photos looked...let's just say some of them made me wonder if she really just likes attention more than anything.

In fact, many of these photos were so perverse I wonder if these were indeed private photos...or part of a major publicity stunt. I'm just saying, but this hacker and many like him have somehow managed to infiltrate the phone numbers and cloud server accounts to some of the major celebrities in Hollywood.These weren't the first. Christina Hendricks had this happen to her as well as Kat Dennings and the list is endless at this point so I'm going to save my fingers for more important things. Anyway on to things that really bug me about this leak.

Why Have Them on Your Phone or an Internet Server?!

Look let's be honest here, if you were a major celebrity and everyone from paparazzi to every perv on the planet wanted a piece of you, would you think it's a good idea to put private photos like this on your phone or on the internet to begin with?! I mean I know I'm shooting blanks here, mostly of theory as I said before, but if I had millions of dollars, I'd put all my private photos on a computer NOT connected to the internet and put it in a safe in my bedroom. Because, as far as anyone knows, these nude photos don't exist so make sure they keep it that way. You want privacy, don't use smartphones and cloud servers that demand you expose yourself in anyway.

Why Take Them?

Look I'm a confident MALE and I know FEMALES face more scrutiny than others...ESPECIALLY celebrity females who need to fit a certain mold. Some aspects of the "Star Mold" I actually support. I believe, unless you can't do anything about it, yes you should be in shape if you can for health reasons and the fact that people look up to you. Now where am I going with this? I'm honestly not against people taking pictures of themselves, even nude ones if that's how you swing although many chalk them up to ego but I mean what does this do for you? You take a hot picture of yourself and than look at it once unless you're really low in self-esteem and need the boost.

Either way, you're a major celebrity and hackers have been known now FOR YEARS to hack into celebrity accounts. I know cloud servers are very secure, but why would you want these on the internet which is more permanent than a physical photo that you can't just shred if you don't like it. These photos are for you and your significant other...although as Paris Hilton showed the significant other isn't always trust worthy.

Was There a Point...or a Plan?

I know hackers mostly do this stuff just to show they can and with the increased publicity of celebrities it's always good to ask to obvious question...was this staged? I mean come on folks, I refuse to believe common sense leaves you when you enter the Hollywood elite. You expect me to believe a hacker got into, of all people, Jennifer Lawrence's account...pretty much the big "It" girl of our time ALONG with Ariana Grande and, if we go back further, all these celebrities who, interestingly enough I've noted, have never gone fully nude in film or television as far as I know. It was once said, "No publicity is bad publicity."

That's interesting to me. So maybe this was a publicity stunt or, and yes this is more likely, the hacker just wanted to prove he/she could get to anyone. Or, they could be real nuts who think showing all of these people in their most personal state would demonstrate some sort of "They are sinful" creed that the hacker had. Who knows? I'm just saying, the magnitude of these leaks is astounding in the shear number of personal accounts although the Victoria Justice ones were said to be proven to have been doctored slightly.

Why Am I Even Writing this Article?

It could be sheer boredom or my old Catholic teachings making me annoyed at the irresponsibility of these people. Am I talking about the hacker or the celebrities? That's up to you folks. The hacker was wrong for what he/she did. I'm not arguing that. It goes without saying, but seriously celebrities may be normal people in an abnormal situation BUT THEY ARE IN AN ABNORMAL SITUATION. We are in a more exposed lifestyle than ever before so yes I have a slight problem with people feeling the need to take nude pictures of themselves and keep them on digital devices that could get hacked.

Heck I remember when my computer got hacked. There was nothing dirty on it, but he/she sent a virus to my computer that ripped my computer to shreds. And that's how, one time at band camp, I learned to avoid pop-up sites for free Apple computers. LOL I was young, give me a break.

I would say give these people a break but again, they are constantly in the public light so I feel a little adaptation should be a no-brainer. I mean live your life how you want, but just remember anything you take on a phone or put in even a secure server can be found out. And the higher you get in the hierarchy of the world...the more people who want to trash you, expose you, and make you out to be the most disgusting, sinful, trashy thing on the planet. we can blame the hacker all we want but you took the photos. Just saying, but hackers usually don't try to leak innocent family photos.

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