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In movie world, summer is officially over as of today, and the box office watchers are breathing a sigh of relief because it has been a brutal one. Outside of a few big name money-makers (Guardians of the Galaxy, that Turtles movie people inexplicably saw), it was the worst summer for movies in film history. But now, movie fans can put on their half-glasses and bid adieu to the summer tentpoles because it's Oscar season!

Someone find him his tiny lighted pen!
Someone find him his tiny lighted pen!

A few films have already drummed up Oscar buzz, but none more so than Bennett Miller's (Moneyball, Capote) latest, Foxcatcher. This one has it all: a true story, a comedic actor going dramatic in a career-redefining performance, thrills, chills, tears, Channing Tatum... okay, that last one was mine. Foxcatcher tells the "oh my gods, this can't be true, can it?" true story of paranoid schizophrenic John du Pont, and his strange quest for fame. In 1996, du Pont shot Olympic wrestler and longtime friend Dave Shultz, while du Pont was simultaneously training and bankrolling Shultz's brother Mark's wrestling career. Foxcatcher is based on the true crime book, Wrestling with Madness, by Tim Huddleston.

You can watch the trailer for Foxcatcher below and see just how far out of the box Carrell and Tatum are going with this film...

Do you think Foxcatcher is an Oscar shoe-in? What do you think of Steve Carrell in this role? Let me know in the comments!


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