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Movie Review: Let's Be Cops

Directed By: Luke Greenfield.

Starring: Jake Johnson, Damon Wayans Jr., Nina Dobrev, Rob Riggle and Andy Garcia.

Ryan and Justin are two guys living together who haven't succeeded in life, Ryan is an ex football player and Justin works at a video game company where he can't get his game developed. On the night of a costume party, Ryan and Justin decide to dress up as cops, when they realize people are mistaking them for real police officers.....they decide to take it a little too far.

"Let's Be Cops" stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. who also star together on the hit TV show "New Girl", they have great chemistry on the show and that carries on through into this film, I totally believed that these two are best friends.

Whilst I had fun with the hilarity that ensues when Ryan and Justin are learning what they can get away with, I struggled to ever be invested in the story of the film. The trailers for the film do show you almost every funny moment in the movie, what it doesn't show you is its overly generic and boring story featuring foreign gangsters, corrupt cops and of course a romance.

The movie is fun when the two leads are abusing their 'power' but becomes way too ridiculous when they actually attempt to solve a crime. Ryan (Johnson) gets way in over his head and starts to believe that he can solve a crime without actually being a police officer, Justin (Wayans) tries as hard as he can to convince Ryan to stop impersonating a cop but then ends up going with him anyway.

The film's cast is rather impressive for a film this bad. Johnson and Wayans are hilarious in just about anything they do, Rob Riggle always makes for a fun performance and they even got Andy Garcia to play a supporting role. But with all this talent.....the film stills falls short. Personally I believe the most important the aspect of a comedy is its writing, if you don't have witty or humorous material to work with then its surely going to fail.

The first act to "Let's Be Cops" has its fair share of dumb yet funny gags but after the halfway point it seems like the filmmakers were saying "Oh shit....we might actually have to tell a story here" because the cliche and incredibly boring story is so poorly written and terribly executed that I don't believe the filmmakers spent any time bothering about the story.

While the actors are having fun and trying their best to deliver funny dialogue, the material never allows for anything more than a few rare giggles. I am a fan of more witty comedy, movies like Hot Fuzz or like this year's "Frank", I'm not a fan of more obnoxious comedies like this years "Neighbors" which I hated (and I know....I'm in the minority). If you're a fan of movies like "Neighbors" than you may enjoy this comedy, it features a similar brand of comedy.

If the movie was consistently funny and had better writing than I may not have noticed how utterly bland each individual character is, they are all completely 2 dimensional characters, the premise went way too ridiculous to actually be funny anymore and the film is far too long! That is something I should not be saying about a 104 minute long film, it should have been around 85 minutes and I might not have wanted to leave as much.

Every 10 minutes or so I may have let out a little "Hah" but for a comedy with a premise like this, the dialogue needs to be sharp, fast and have a good rhythm, but the laughs were too rare and far apart that I can't call this movie funny.

The film is honestly ugly to look at, whoever shot the film was not doing a good job because it does look like an hour and 50 minute long TV episode or a straight to Netflix comedy. Because I wasn't laughing on a consistent basis, I had more time to stop and realize the really bad aspects of this film like the cinematography and the last thing I should really be noticing in a comedy is its poor cinematography but the film was boring me that much so I was looking at other things in the film.

On paper, this is a funny idea for a movie but the screen writer and director take it absolutely nowhere. I'm going to give "Let's Be Cops" a C-.


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