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Welcome to "Silver Screen"! A sort of series of articles I will write whenever I want to talk about a certain topic in films which will move to YouTube after awhile but will be here for right now.

So, the big thing about [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) that people are talking about right now is this series of set pictures:

Which has Jesse Eisenberg (who is playing Lex Luthor) covering his head with a towel to hide if he is bald or not for everyone on the internet to complain about. Now, I know that Luthor did have hair in the comics before he was bald and if they do that, the comic fans might accept it, but the general public which is really what makes the money might not because to them, Lex is bald. I have heard rumors of him being a different take on the character but even if they are doing that, then that is a big problem, because this isn't a one-shot movie that isn't expanding on something, or a comic book, or a animated show, or even a DC Animated movie, it is a movie that is building a CINEMATIC UNIVERSE which implies that it is basically the comics in cinematic form, but taking a character in a different take is alright for a comic or alternate universe story line.

Now there are rumors of Bruce Wayne being a MMA fighter, so we are probably going to have a scene that is like when we first saw Wolverine in the first X-Men movie but with Bruce Wayne instead of Wolverine. So is Batman going to use a mix of the fighting moves that Ra's Al Ghul taught him and MMA fighting? Because that would be kind of cool to see or does Ra's Al Ghul not exist in this universe? The main point i'm getting to here is that why is it necessary to change the thing that everybody knows? Lex is bald and Batman isn't a MMA fighter.

Also, if something is good enough to receive a multi-million dollar budget, why do you feel the need to change it? Lex doesn't need to be "slamming 20 energy drinks" because for you to look at something and say "You know, this formula is perfect, everyone knows and loves it, but I can do it better" and if you can, good for you but that rarely happens. Keep it the same, nobody is mad, well I say 'nobody' but there is always someone on the internet that has to complain.


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