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We always need more half-naked Channing Tatum. And the news that Magic Mike XXL has started production has made my day.

The sequel to 2012 smash hit Magic Mike reunites Tatum and Alex Pettyfer as male strippers struggling with their own consciences and the existential crisis that comes of being really hot.

Matt Bomer, Cody Horn and Joe Manganiello are also said to be returning, but Steven Soderbergh is not - at least, not as director.

Soderbergh tweeted this photo over the weekend:

Magic Mike XXL set
Magic Mike XXL set

As you can see, the first movie's producer Gregory Jacobs has taken over directorial duties, while Soderbergh remains involved as cameraman, DP and editor.

Because nothing says 'vote of confidence' like hiding behind the scenes.

In all seriousness, the first movie was great, and there're so many directions the sequel could go in when it's released on July 1st next year.

Here're the top 5 things we want to see in Magic Mike XXL:

1) Campy dance routines

There's stripping, and then there's stripping. The "It's Raining Men" routine was just about perfect, and naturally the sequel is going to need to bring some serious rump shaking to the party.

2) Matthew McConaughey in an ill-fitting vest

This happened. We're glad it did.

3) Mike's relationship with Brooke

While the first movie left Mike and Brooke at something of a cliffhanger (and a brilliantly understated ending, to boot), it's left us wanting more. Will Mike really go straight and end up with Brooke? Or is the stripper lifestyle too addictive?

4) Alex Pettyfer being really adorable

He was 19, vulnerable and in too deep. "The Kid" made Magic Mike more than just an excuse to look at Channing Tatum's pecs. While his character went on a pretty steep arc in the first movie, there's plenty of room to get under his skin.

5) Some new blood

Although the cast has yet to be confirmed in full, this is surely a prime opportunity to add a few more buff tingz to the line up. R-Patz? Jamie Dornan? The Rock? So many abs, so little time.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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