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Remember when Google was just something you used when you were naively trying to find dirty videos online? Yeah me too...

Now, it is a sprawling business empire which seems equal parts inspirational and sinister. Google's next territory to conquer seems to that of the home delivery of products. Recently, they unveiled the first practical demonstration of their upcoming drone deliver system, Project Wing.

The formerly secret program, which was under development by Google[X] labs, aims to replace the drudgery of traditional transport methods with a sleek, white quadcopter drone. Check it out making a pooch happy below:

Of course, there are still major obstacles to the development of this kind of tech. First, and perhaps most importantly, currently the FAA does not allow private drones to be flying around in their monitored airspace. Furthermore, I can also imagine many future issues with these drone deliveries. Can they be hacked and your product stolen? Are they reliable and/or inconveniently limited in the size of things they deliver? Will the development of delivery drones make huge numbers of postmen and delivery drivers unemployed? Could you theoretically kidnap a drone and chain it up in your basement?

These are all big issues.

Can you imagine a world where your goods are delivered by drone?


Does this seem like a good idea to you?

Source: GiantFreakinRobot


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