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So, easy question I'm sure, but did you like Guillermo del Toro's monsters vs robot smash-athon, Pacific Rim? Great. Well did you like it enough that you'll part with your hard earned cash to own some of it?

That's right. The Prop Store are having a relatively massive sale of Pacific Rim props from the movie. Unfortunately, you can't get your hands on an actual Jaeger - and let's face it, none of us could afford one - but there are some nice little pieces of movie history to snap up. You can get your hands on costumes, props, mechanical Kaiju skinmites and even bits of the Shatterdome, however the jewel in the crown of this collection must be the Drivesuit helmet worn by Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi).

Currently it's going for just under $4000, although I can expect that might rise in the near future. However, don't let this high price tag leave you feeling disheartened. There are actually some relatively affordable, and pretty cool, props on sale. Check out some of the listings below (all prices are accurate to time of writing):

Mako’s (Rinko Kikuchi) Corkboard - $90

For just under $100 you can get your hands on a rather interesting piece of set dressing, the corkboard from Mako's room. The board features a range of cool little notes and pictures, including blueprints which the official description states are "actually a set dec blueprint detailing the process of creating these panels for the film." You can also use it as actual corkboard, which y'know, is just useful to have around.

Crate of Embryo Jars - $85

Another piece of intriguing set dressing from Pacific Rim, although this one might lead to some revulsion among house guests. This crate of embryo jars is taken from Hannibal Chau's (Ron Perlman) hideout and features 24 glass jars each containing Kaiju parts which are "made of burnt fabric and melted plastic and rubber, twisted and shaped to look like guts and skin tissue." It's certainly a conversation piece.

Jaeger Diagnostic Monitor Unit - $60

This diagnostic monitor unit - which was used by technicians on the cockpit of the Jaeger - might be the closest you can get to owning an actual piece of a giant fighting robot. For around 60 bucks you can take it home and plug this baby into an adaptor in order to watch the screen illuminate temporarily before fading to black! Incredible. You can also pick up a Jaeger Diagnostics Keyboard for an additional $60.

Shatterdome Riveter - $35

For the bargain price of $35 you can snap up this rather impressive Pacific Rim tool - a Shatterdome Riveter. In reality this is simply a resin prop, however if you whack in a battery and flip a switch the drill does actually spin. Now that is riveting!

Stacker Pentecost’s (Idris Elba) Tea Ceremony Lot - $110

OK, so this prop might not be the first thing you remember from Pacific Rim, but you can spot in the background of Stacker Pentecost's chambers. Essentially this means you can own something that was once in the same room as Idris Elba! I think $110 is a fair price to pay for that.

Anti-Kaiju Wall Construction Worker (Curtis Macbee) Costume - $60

Want to get that industrial hobo look this winter? Well, now you can with this rather cozy looking Anti-Kaiju Wall Construction Worker Costume! This one comes complete with boots, hat, faux fur jacket and a climbing harness. There are a lot of extras costumes on sale from Pacific Rim, but personally I think this one has the best combination of coolness and affordability.


The various auction lots all have varying bidding times, with some ending in the next few hours, and others lasting until later in the week. However, if you want to make sure you can get something from Pacific Rim, I'd highly recommend heading over to the auction site while you still can.


Which of the above lots would you most like to get your hands on?



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