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Twenty years ago The Shawshank Redemption was just a low-key prison flick that didn't recoup its costs. But, slowly, the movie which began life as a short story by horror guru Stephen King has become one of the most popular movies of all time - and, for some, it has even been life-changing. Whatever the reason, we've become entranced by the tragedy of innocent convict Andy Dufresne. And now, we can even pay pilgrimage to Shawshank's location.

Back in 1995, Tim Robbins and Morgan Freemam made movie history together in Mansfield, the historic Ohio State Reformatory, where the movie was filmed. Now, the cold and imposing defunct reformatory will host a series of public events, until early September.

Mansfield - a huge block of stone whose gothic arches resemble a house of both worship and horror - will be part of a 13-stop Shawshank Redemption bus tour that includes visits to filming locations like the place where Brooks hung himself, the bench where Brooks fed the birds, and what remains of the old oak and stone wall where Andy led Red.

As well as the bus tour, the site will also hold re-creations, appearances by some cast members and extras, and well as a 1940s-themed cocktail party in the renovated guard room at the reformatory.

There's even a promo video to get you in the mood, with a Morgan Freeman sound-alike no less:

A profound, inspirational and moving movie - and certainly one of my all-time favorites. The renovation and reunion is a fantastic idea. Congrats, Mansfield, I think this is really going to draw a captive audience... (Sorry.)


Would you like to take a trip to the Shawshank prison?

(Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


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