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While sitting playing the awesome Super Mario-based video game of your choice, have you ever wondered just how Mario's Fire Flower powers work?

Of course you have - and if you haven't, you clearly aren't over-thinking things hard enough.

Thankfully, the same can't be said about Eddie Bowley and KrEid, whose recent animated short The Science Of Power Ups: Fire Flower sets out to answer once and for all the question: "just what the hell is wrong with that flower?"

The answer...may surprise you. And will almost certainly make you laugh until a tiny bit of pee comes out.

You can check it out below:

Of course, it's about as scientifically accurate as a Michael Bay movie, but lets be honest, that's a whole lot more entertaining than a video consisting entirely of scientists shaking their heads and looking at us shamefully.

Because honestly, I had enough of that in science class back in school.

You can find more of The More You Know right here. Because let's be honest, The More You Know, The More You Know. Right?


What do you guys think? A good explanation of Fire Flowers?

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