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Okay, I probably know what you're thinking and you are probably partially right. You are expecting a discussion about how Disney needs to add Anna from Frozen to the 11 official princesses and I agree. However, I think there may be more princesses being missed. To whit - my list of missing Disney Princesses.

1. Princess Anna of Arendelle

Princess Anna of Arendelle
Princess Anna of Arendelle

While Elsa is the character from [Frozen](movie:411685) that most kids see she is technically queen. She is even introduced to the assembled masses as "Queen Elsa of Arendelle" and Anna herself calls her the queen. But the case could be made for Anna as a Disney Princess based on the strength of Frozen's popularity. Also She embodies the qualities of a princess. She's brave, she's selfless, she's smart and she's funny. All in all I think she's a shoe in.

2. Emma Swan

Emma Swan
Emma Swan

As the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming (my favorite Disney Prince as we share a first name) Emma certainly qualifies as a princess. Able to wield light magic, Emma is also the "Savior". She also serves the town of Storybrooke as Sheriff. Her rivalry with the Evil Queen over her son Henry has led to her also redeeming said queen.

3. Leia Organa

Leia Organa
Leia Organa

Possibly the most developed character on this list, Leia Organa is actually an adopted princess. To me this makes her even better as an option for the role of official Disney Princess. Imagine the message that would send to girls out there, that even if you aren't born a princess you can still be a princess. Again she embodies all the qualities of a princess. She's a leader of a Rebellion against an evil Empire, she's smart enough to aid in her own escape from said empire, and she is a fashion icon with those braids of hers. Truly Leia has it all.

So what do you think? Who should be the next Disney Princess? Did I miss anyone?


Who deserves the title of Disney Princess?


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