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A gem of the Marvel movies is seeing the obligatory Stan Lee cameo. In almost every film, he manages to reveal himself to us in a comical way, and [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) was no exception.

In the film, we spotted Lee on Xandar hanging out with some much younger women (a la Playboy). But according to director James Gunn, this wasn't the cameo they originally planned for Stan Lee. The real one? Well, Disney said "no way" to that.

Gunn explained the planned scene at Dragon Con this weekend. Lee was originally planned to be one of the Collector's exhibits, and he would have been spotted by Groot, who would have had a surprised reaction. Lee, in response, would have given Groot the bird.

Now, it's possible that Disney just wanted to keep the bird-flipping to a minimum (Chris Pratt had already done it as Star Lord), hence the decision to change the scene. Personally, though, I would have loved the implications of "human" Stan Lee being captured and analyzed by the Collector.

Plus, Disney just basically said that displaying an old man as a pervert is "better" than someone flipping the bird. OK, Disney.


Do you think the vetoed Stan Lee cameo would have been better than the one we got?

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