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In my article A World Without Heroes I brought up the question of if heroes could renew the stagnate waters our children are treading water in. I asked if they could help in more ways than we might have previously thought.

After I wrote that article I reached out. I went and talked to counselors. I asked if this would be something they would be interested. Their reaction was more than I ever hoped for. They jumped at the idea and now I am plunging head first into a budding plan of bringing our Heroes to Schools to reinforce positive behavior in children and to build up a support structure for the kids.

I found that old comic I mentioned with Spider-man and the Power Pack. After rereading it I saw how strong of a message was behind it. From Spider-man telling a child who is being touched in the wrong place by his babysitter of his own experience with a molester and how hard it was to tell his Uncle Ben and Aunt May and how they helped him through it and gave the kid courage to tell his own parents, to the Power Pack's adventure of finding a child running away from home because of the abuse of their parent and how the Power Pack brought them to safe place where adults would take over and make sure help was provided.

These two stories were powerful and left me again wondering what these heroes could do now in our day and age.

Of course the comic is dated and it would need to be redone but the stories where strong. A new comic line for teachers and other adults to reach out to children would be Marvelous. However, without that where do you go? I am going to see what I might be able to do. From making costumes for people to wear to come and talk to the kids, to working on a safety curriculum with councilors, to actually creating new heroes that can be backed by our old ones to confront the issues of today's kids, I will do what I can and I will share it.

I am going to write articles as I work on this project and keep updating my readers as I fight my little battle.

What can you do? Do you want to help?


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