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Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most hyped movies of the year, and we won't even see it until next year because the world is an unfair and cruel place. So while we wait for every morsel of information from the film with baited breath you can breathe a huge sigh of relief because we FINALLY have our first look at Jesse Eisenberg on set.

Everyone has waited ages to see what his look will be for the infamous Lex Luthor. Luthor, as fans all know, is the mastermind madman behind all things taunting and psychologically destroying, and you know what? Jesse totally sticks to that theme because these images show him clearly taunting us by not revealing his full look.

He hides his head behind a handkerchief when he spots a candid camera. Why do you do this to us, Jesse, why?! I demand answers, and I am hoping that this is not the answer:

Lex very briefly had a comic-book appearance with that gingery-blonde mop you see above. In fact, Lex Luthor was very much supposed to have hair but an artist forgot to draw it in, leaving him bald for a print and it caught on like wildfire making it the staple of his appearance and storyline. Is Jesse Eisenberg hiding his head because he has hair? Or because he is bald? As it's been confirmed that Jesse will be sporting hair while playing Lex Luthor, it's always been a bit wishy-washy on whether or not he'll have hair for the entire film, or if going bald is a part of the movie.

Are they just building up for some huge reveal because they know the masses want to see it so badly? Or are they trying to hide Jesse's head so not to give any plot points away? Is the chemical spill disaster of LexCorp going to happen within [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? Is it at the hands of Batman and Superman battling that it all happens in some accidental tragedy? Well, that'd sure explain the hatred for Superman that Lex holds so staunchly.



Jesse Eisenberg was spotted in a fan photo wearing a very obvious red wig. So does this prove he'll be rocking the red hair? Or is this just a ruse to throw nosy photographers off the scent of a well moisturized bald head?


Will Lex Luthor go bald in B vs S?

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