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Like the rest of the geek-powered internet, I'm buzzing about the tantalizing possibility Kevin Smith raised on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast that Marvel might be gearing up for a Spider-Woman movie. Uh, who's excited? Raise your hand. In fact, raise both of your hands.

If you didn't just put your hands up in the air and wave 'em around like you just don't care like you were straight out of a mid-90s party anthem, you're a liar.

Let's assume the rumor is true. Casting Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, would be a tall order. But here are five fantastic women I think could nail the role.


1.) Kate Beckinsale

She may be the oldest on this list, but let's be real: There's almost no woman in the world hotter than Kate Beckinsale. Being able to attract people through her pheromones is a key part of Jessica Drew's abilities, and Beckinsale does seduction better than almost anyone on this list. But not the waify, helpless kind of seduction, oh no: Beckinsale has more experience with action and kicking ass than anyone else on this list. She was the best part of a bad Total Recall remake, and Underworld showed us she can bring it even while wearing a catsuit.

Basically that, but red, yellow, and minus the cape
Basically that, but red, yellow, and minus the cape


2.) Olivia Munn

Here's the thing. I'm not necessarily enamored with Olivia Munn because I'm not so much a fan of a gal boob-flashing and hot-dog eating her way to the top. That being said, after landing a few smaller roles in films like Iron Man 2 and [Magic Mike](movie:203046), along with a brief stint in The New Girl, Munn finally flashed some seriously great acting chops as Sloan Sabbith in [The Newsroom](series:663653). Sloan was strong, fearless, and open to speaking her mind - all qualities that would serve her well in the role of Jessica Drew. Plus, we already know she lobbied hard for the role of Wonder Woman, so Munn is more than ready to step into the role of a super-heroine. Could this be the break she deserves?


3.) Jaime Murray

Jaime Murray's looks are unique, and in this case, that's not a bad thing. Spider-Woman is a unique character. Jessica Drew is gorgeous, but in a very strong way, drawn with a defined jawline that hints at strength rather than delicacy - usually, at least. And Murray's roles have spoken to this strength, having had a devilishly good time playing villainous roles such as Helena G. Wells in [Warehouse 13](series:761548) and Lila Tourney in [Dexter](series:200541). And just like Munn, Murray was attached to the Wonder Woman role that eventually went to Gal Godot: Executives were so impressed with her appearance in a Wonder Woman costume in an episode of Hustle that they invited her to audition for the role. She could easily make the jump to the Marvel universe.


4.) Emilia Clarke

Daenerys Targaryen has proven she's a force to be reckoned with on [Game of Thrones](movie:817617), and Emilia Clarke's proven the same of herself as an actress. The Mother of Dragons is a commanding presence in every scene she's in, and any actress stepping into the role of Spider-Woman would need to have that kind of charisma to compete with the likes of the rest of the Avengers cast. It also helps that Dany is a little bit unhinged, and the experience would serve Clarke well in the complex role of Jessica Drew. Plus, Clarke is young enough to not have to worry about the inevitable "She'll be HOW old when her contract ends?" debate that might surround some of the other choices on this list.


And my personal choice...

5.) Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick, unlike the rest of the women on this list, is less "asldfjasd;fj smoking hot" and more "girl I could totally grab a beer with" hot. And that is rad, because Kendrick is the whole package. The mega-talented actress can do it all: Angst, comedy, stage, drama, musicals, commercials - you name it, she's done it. Kendrick would bring improv-level quick-wittedness to the role of Spider-Woman, fitting perfectly into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its trademark humor. Still, Jessica Drew is a pretty conflicted character, having been brainwashed, impersonated, and betrayed more times than you can count. As a result, it's left her with a cynical nature and definite trust issues, both of which Kendrick has had plenty of experience portraying on screen in such a way so that audiences still really root for her.



Who would you cast as Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman?


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