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After super eventful week and a highly rejuvenating long weekend we are back to announce the winners of the New York Comic Con ticket packages! We've gone through and read all of your very worthy answers and might I say I caught a severe case of the feels quite a bit of times. Sadly, we only have two ticket packages to give so before we announce the winners, I wanted to highlight some really amazing answers!

Scott Duncan:

I like the direction of this, Uncle Ben and Spidey, dynamic duo.

Liz Fargo:

Amazing life goal, that's a huge one on the list for myself as well, I just need that Iron Man suit!

Teresa W.:

We love the origin of your comic book love! You must have had one great parent. Since we love everything Star Wars and Marvel ourselves, this a killer hit with the staff!

Joseph Davis:

I like that sly Moviepilot plug, you almost got us with this one.

Yvonne Kron:

Since a lot of us are transplants from places sometimes less awesome than Los Angeles, we totally feel you!

Thanks for all the incredible answers and content, guys. Sadly, trust us - we're weeping too - we only have TWO ticket packages to give away! *cue the dramatic music*

Winner: Rob Haller

You might not have needed three computers for this, just a really awesome answer to the question. We're really excited for you and can't wait to deliver you the best honeymoon gift that we can possibly give you. Congratulations on winning the ticket package, and your marriage!

P.S. We better see some really cool cosplay photos now! We're watchin'.

Winner: Bruce Banna

We're really excited to see you continue the comic book tradition with your daughter, even though she seems to be a way bigger fan than you are ;)! Congrats on the tickets, make sure to take home tons of comics to keep passing around to the little ones!

Thank you to all who participated, make sure to follow me on Moviepilot and keep in tune with more giveaways. If you're sad that you couldn't make it to NYCC, check out our contest for Walker Stalker Con!

Did I mention that the cast of the Walking Dead is going to be there? Oh, I didn't? Yep, they'll be there taking questions so this one will be a really fun opportunity!


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