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In 2010, director Gareth Edwards made a name for himself with his science-fiction film, Monsters. The tale of a photojournalist, [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) Scoot Mcnairy, who is escorting his employer's daughter to America from Mexico. However, the world is in chaos due to monster attacks and the only way home is for the two to travel straight through the monster's territory.

The film was a slow-burning character drama set in a world of extraordinary circumstances. In fact, the actual creatures were barely seen and tensions were kept high. Edwards has gone on to helm Godzilla and will be tackling a Star Wars spinoff next, so his plate is full. He is executive producing the sequel to Monsters, called [Monsters: Dark Continent](movie:417353), while new director Tom Green takes the reigns.

Monsters 2
Monsters 2

The newest trailer shows that they are now focusing on a different perspective than the first film. This story will be through the eyes of the military and it looks to be a mashup that will lead to more kinetic action sequences. It doesn't seem to be a direct sequel to the first film's storyline, but another story being told about the same invasion. Clearly the budget has been raised and there are a ton of monsters in full sight. This movie was not on the radar before, but it certainly is now. Enjoy the trailer:

It looks like a US theatrical release date hasn't been finalized or if they are going the VOD route. Monsters: Dark Continent (aka Monsters 2) opens in the UK on November 28th, 2014.

Monsters 2
Monsters 2

We are getting a lot of giant monster movies. Does this one stand out? Let us know on the comment boards!

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