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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
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I've already made an article where I focused on some of the best and funniest slasher movie gifs I could find. And since I couldn't force every single one in there, I'll make a few more articles showing you the beauty of these epic slasher movie gifs.

Boy is that true..

'' I told you to rake the...LAWN''

''Hey your not the pizza guy!''

Boy did that scene terrify me.

Definitely going to use this one for an article soon.

And then the world was introduced to Freddy Krueger

''Now where did I put that chicken?''

Jason!, we weren't supposed to see this were we?

Chopping wood, right?

Wrong Foot!

*Random fan* '' Dude, Jason is is much better than Michael Myers''

*Michael Myers* ''What did you just say?"

Totally waiting on a three way fight with Michael Myers included.

What happened next is still engraved in our heads.

''The blackest eyes,...... the devils eyes''... Oh wait.. wrong villain

Only Freddy Krueger can wear a sweater, hat, and glove underneath the sun.

Can't get a solid emotion from Chucky in this gif..

Thought I'd post that one more time..

Would've been funny to see kids at the door for candy..

It would also be funny if you didn't like these gifs! Tell me what you though below!


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