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James Tarragano

So earlier today I wrote a piece about needing to add some people to the list of Official Disney Princesses. Now I have one I think should be removed from the official list, Mulan. Why exactly is Mulan one of the 11 official Princesses? I'm not sure, but here is my reasons why she shouldn't be.

1. She's not a princess

This is an excerpt from the wikipedia article about Mulan "The writers wanted Mulan to represent a 'different kind of Disney heroine,' specifically described as one who 'didn't need a tiara, but was still just as much as graceful, strong, and courageous.' " This to me is interesting because while she is the Hero of China, she is also not a princess. She is a farmer's daughter who enlists in the Chinese army and the marries the General she serves with. While she exhibits the qualities of a princess, she isn't actually royalty.

2. Factual history

Let's leave the Disney out of it for a second and look at what Mulan would have endured in real life. She was a woman (not even considered a citizen) who impersonated a man. Sure she did it for noble reasons, but as soon as she was discovered she would have been executed. During this time in history it would have been the ultimate shame of her ENTIRE family. Her father would have lost all standing in his community and any other descendants would have also suffered shame for it.

3. No Prince Charming

While Mulan is eventually swept up in a romance with her commanding officer ( A no-no that is still frowned on in even todays military) she never gets her Prince Charming. She goes from soldier to soldiers wife (nothing against the military spouses out there) which isn't an improvement. She doesn't really improve her lot in life or her families.

In closing I submit that while the things Mulan did in the Disney cartoon were actions that any parent would hope their child would aspire to, The are not the things required of a princess.

If you agree comment below and tell your friends, if you disagree comment below and tell your enemies.


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