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Jerome Maida

Overcoming a disappointing opening weekend, brutal competition and a star that seemed on the wane, Tom Cruise's well-received "Edge Of Tomorrow" finally inched past the $100 million mark at the domestic box-office.

The milestone didn't come easy. It is the first film starring Cruise - besides "Mission Impossible" entries - in NINE years. That would once have been unthinkable.

On its opening weekend, "Edge Of Tomorrow" had the misfortune of going up against two films that had strong appeal to Cruise's female demographic base - the opening weekend of "The Fault In Our Stars" AND the second weekend of Angelina Jolie's "Maleficent".

Immediately, everyone blamed everything from the film's title, marketing campaign, Cruise's seemingly faded star power and even Warner Bros itself for the film's apparent failure at the box office this past June.

However, in a year of weak numbers all around, perhaps it's time to re-examine the box office profile of "[Edge of Tomorrow](movie:267902)".. Especially since as of August 31, it has officially crawled past the $100 million mark.

This sends a strong message that people may be gravitating back to Cruise after a disastrous decade that began with the really overblown jumping on Oprah's couch. He was happy. Who cares?

The last "original" Tom Cruise film to bring in over $100 million at home was Steven Spielberg's "War Of The Worlds", which made $234.3 million domestically back in summer 2005.

It did not seem the drought would end with "Edge of Tomorrow" after it's opening weekend, but strong word-of-mouth caused, "Edge of Tomorrow" to dip a VERY light 43 percent to $16.5 million it's second weekend.

In comparison, Tom Cruise's Oblivion fell 52 percent in its second weekend. "Edge" had now earned $57 million, and had it's sights set on $100 million.

Good word-of-mouth continued.

Incredibly, "Edge of Tomorrow" had $97.9 million domestically on July 31. It got to over $99 million on August 8 and then took an excruciating 23 days to scrape up the remaining $1 million to push it over the top.

Though it's box-office was relatively strong, on weekends in August, there can be little doubt that being soooo close to the milestone gave Warner Brothers incentive to keep it in over 100 theaters likely longer than they would have.

Either way, this is a big win for Cruise, Warner Brothers - and fans of original sci-fi!


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