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Jerome Maida

Jennifer Fraser, a Co-Executive Producer on 'The Martial Arts Kid" says she has nothing but positive things to say about one of the film's Co-Producers, James Wilson.

"I love this film", says Fraser. "As for James Wilson, he was amazing and organized and just about everything (positive i could say) when I came down to meet him. He is (one of the most) warmhearted gentlemen I have ever met."

Fraser, an Adjunct Professor at Montgomery College in Washington, DC, also has nothing but kind words for the film's two headliners, martial arts/action-movie legends Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock.

"Don Wilson is very friendly to everyone", says Fraser. "(He is) very gentle and kind."

"As for Cynthia who I (will never) forget, I (first) met her at a Hall of Honor for a short time", says Fraser. "She is a very nice lady and (did a) little sign language with me. They are all wonderful people I have met and (it is an extreme pleasure) to meet them. They are a huge reason why 'The Martial Arts Kid" is going to be successful!"

"The Martial Arts Kid" is set to hit theaters next year.


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