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Watch out, the goofing extras are back with a vengeance!

After many of you submitted your own favorite screw ups in the comment section of the last article, we felt that we needed to honor those unaware background actors with a penchant for getting it wrong with another list.

So check out even MORE gems we found from those extras who just couldn't hold back:


1. Teen Wolf underwear flasher

This is super popular one that loads of you wrote in about: a guy flashing his family jewels in Teen Wolf. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint but it's actually an urban legend as this wider cut of the scene shows that it's actually a woman! Though the question does remain - why did she have her pants open!?


2. A dead orc comes back to life in Lord of the Rings

In this moving scene we see Aragorn rushing to Boromir as he dies after a battle with the Uruk Hai. However, it seems like in his rush he trod on the hand of an Orc extra and the Orc who was supposed to be dead raises his head as Aragorn rushes to Boromir's side.


3. Midnight Cowboy is walking here!

Now this is a scene with a story! We all know the famous line "I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here!" but what you might not know is that the taxi driver was an unaware extra. Midnight Cowboy was shot on a small budget and they couldn't afford to close down the streets for filming. In this scene a taxi ran a red light and Dustin Hoffman created this memorable line. You can even hear how he resorts to his real, much lower, voice when he yells at the driver. Ok ok, it's not quite an extra screw up (they guy didn't even know they were filming a movie!) but it's still pretty cool.


4. Quantum of Solace extra sweeps thin air

One of my favorites and mentioned by a few of you as well! In Quantum of Solace, while James Bond sits on a motorcycle we see a few background extras going about various tasks and directly behind Bond is one extra who is sweeping the air?! You keep trying little dude, you'll get all the dust out of the air eventually!


5. Intense eyes in The Dark Knight

You may remember we mentioned The Dark Knight in the previous article but this movie has provided us with comedy gold from extras yet again!

In this dramatic news conference scene we hear from a cop who yells "no more dead cops!" Keep watching the extra sitting in front of the cops and at the next line ("he should turn himself in!") the same man suddenly has the most intense and crazy look in his wide eyes. Maybe Batman should keep an eye on that one...


6. Extra feels the force in Star Wars

Though this extra was engaged in a battle with a lightsaber-wielding Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, it was Luke's powerful kick that did him in. As you can see Luke kicks out at his assailant and even though he doesn't connect, the extra reels back with a dramatic flick of the head. Surely this can only be explained by The Force.


7. Extra in Forrest Gump is gobsmacked

Here we see Forrest take on the world of college football with his super-quick running skills. After he scores a winning touch down the camera cuts to the coach and the assistant coach. The coach exclaims "he must be the stupidest son-of-a-bitch alive, but he sure is fast!" and throughout the whole line the assistant coach has a weird and crazy goldfish-like look on his face until he finally gets his moment to yells "YEAHHHHH" At the end. Alright man, calm down!


8. Hilary Swank has a huge fan in Million Dollar Baby

Check out some hilarious over-acting from this extra in Million Dollar Baby. I mean, Hilary Swank is good but I don't know if she's that good.


What's your favorite screw up?

Source: Mentalfloss, Totalfilm


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